Fake Hymen

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Yes, I did say Fake Hymen. Sadly I do not have one on these in my physical possession, but the product is so um, interesting, it certainly needs mentioning.

I have to say, I do appreciate the elegant packaging, but not only is the product sketchy from a plain old what-the-hell-is-this-even-made-of standpoint, but also from them whole faking-a-non-reliable-sign-of-virginity standpoint. Doesn’t everyone know by now that an intact Hymen is not a sign of a virgin and a lack of one is not a sign of a someone who isn’t. And the product itself has some funny wording.. “This product is for external and adult use only, do not swallow it.” Good to know that not only is this product (that is designed to be inserted into a vagina) only safe for the OUTSIDE of one’s body, but that you should not eat it. Um, well then I would like to know what the hell this made of! I also think a pretty funny selling point is “Do you like to spice up your sex life?”

But on a more serious note, I was talking about this last night and someone did say to me, “But that item could save a woman’s life” and I do understand that even being perceived as a non-virgin in some cultures is dangerous business. So don’t get me wrong, if someone needs this to prove something to protect herself, by all means, get one NOW. But overall it just breaks my heart that so many people are still clinging to the notion that unless a women bleeds after the first time she has intercourse, she is not a virgin… or that a woman’s virginity is such a precious commodity that people have go out of their way to fake it.