Jizz Lube

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Yes I did say Jizz lube. Another out-of-production item (hmm I wonder why?) this lube is supposed to smell just like Jizz! Intended for the gay guy market, no one that I made smell this thought it has any resemblance to what man juice actually smells like. And as someone who doesn’t smell a lot of it, to me it kinda just smelled fruity.

Evey women I know thinks this product is insane, but some of my gay buddies didn’t think it was that bad an idea, just not a great execution.

Finger Fun

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Dismembered Finger Vibe

Folks, please let me introduce you to Dismembered Finger Vibrator! This is one of my oldest Screwy Sex Toys and long out of production (and kicked out of my apartment by my beloved). It is basically a slim one-speed taupe-colored vibe with a rubber digit (smaller than my manly lady finger). I am particularity fond of the  place where the finger meets the vibe.. looking like a bad graft or broken knuckle.

Welcome to my Museum of Screwy Sex Toys!

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My bookcase is topped with some very choice things

For the past almost 10 years I have been stocking away some of the weird/funny/horrible toys that I come across in my day-to-day life as a sex shop owner. My office is overrun with them and some of the toys that are made of seriously sketchy materials are starting to disintegrate, so I thought it was high time I started recording these gems for prosperity.

As I begin this blog & journey, I think back fondly on some of the things you won’t see because my girlfriend threw them out last time we moved – in particular the size F cyberskin boos that lived amongst our plants (but were melting) and the fuckable face with a pierced tongue that greatly entertained kids that came over. Those were some good times. But fear not, I have plenty of fun stuff to show you, so check back often and see what nutty things I find!

And just a disclaimer: these are the opinions of just little old me. If you see something here that you think is hot (or even own) I’m not here to judge you. What each person finds arousing varies greatly and I am coming at these opinions as a queer, feminist sex shop owner with a great love of well-designed, sex-positive, functional sex toys. But hey… if you see something you’d like.. I may even be able to hook you up,  so drop me a line if you want!