Just let your penis be a penis

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Boy People sure want to make penises a multi-purpose tool:

• There was a combo weedpipe/cocktoy for a while (think of the burns! ). RIP

• There is this cockring/odometer thing that I hate (why do you care how many strokes you get it? Focus on the sensation people! This isn’t a contest!*)

And today we got info about a cockring/video camera combo called the Cockcam, a cockring that can film while you are banging away.


So I get it , you want a new fun way to consensually film your sexy times.  No shame in that. But will you please think for a minute about what this film will look like.







I think it will look like this but wetter and possibly at a lower quality:



Are you turned on yet?

Please don’t waste your money on stupid things! Just use your phone and get a high-quality cockring that will be FUN.

And hey, can we let let penises be penises, they are pretty great as they are!

*Fine, if you enter a fucking contest maybe the odometer cockring will be helpful.

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