F**kable Mini Wedge Sandal…plus foot!

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This is by FAR my most favorite thing to cart around. If you have seen me speak at your school (or anywhere else) there is a 98% chance you have fondled or seen this toy.

My loves, this is a tiny, cyberskin foot with a tiny, skin-colored wedge sandal that has a tiny mini vulva on the bottom. (I would like to mention that it took a young man from a LGBT group at ISU to point out to my clog-wearing ass what type of shoe this is). I mean, seriously, do I need to explain any more why this is SO WEIRD?

Ok fine… besides just being strange from a design stand-point (why a sandal the same color as the foot? Why so very small?), I also keep wondering who the target audience was. Is it intended for foot fetishists? If so, I think the vulva is extraneous. Is it for shoe lovers? Then why not make the shoe a color that stands out. I donno. I think this was dreamed up by someone on mushrooms and somehow made it into production. And I am so glad it did because toting it around the midwest gives me much pleasure.

Circa 2007 ish

Thanks to PinkSexGeek for getting me the real name of this gem: “Kaylani’s Foot Fetish”.