Bacon! Lube!

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For many years we have discussed at ETB need for some flavored lube that isn’t quite so sweet, yet we have struggled to come up with WHAT that flavor would be. Lo and behold, I thought maybe the problem was solved with the arrival of Baconlube to the world.

Made from all non-meat ingredients, this water-based lube was originally designed as a joke, but so many people actually wanted it that the company produced real, actual bacon-flavored lube, so you know I had to try it.

But I’ll be 100% honest, when it arrived today I was kinda scared to even open the bottle. Yes, I’ve been a vegetarian for like 20 years, but the couple of times a year that I slip up, it is usually to taste some crisp bacon. So while I am far from an aficionado, I am for sure a bacon-lover.  But still… would bacon-flavored lube be gross?

The answer? Yes and no. It actually smells kinda nasty. Right now it is sitting here on my desk open and when I get a waft of it, it isn’t like smelling bacon cooking on the stove. Not at all. But the taste? Actually not too bad! It has a slight sweetness to it and the smokey bacony flavor one would hope for. Kind of like bacon with syrup (yum!!). I’m saying I’m having it as an afternoon snack, but I was surprised how not gross it tasted.

Truth is, I’m not gonna get around to actually testing this is sack (you are welcome GF) but it stayed slippery during my rub-on-the-back-of-my-hand test so if you are really wanting some Baconlube, you may actually find it performs ok as well (that said, glycerin is the second ingredient, so it is not super vagina-friendly).

Now.. will someone please make Whiskey-flavored lube?



One thought on “Bacon! Lube!

    raymondj said:
    December 1, 2011 at 11:43 am

    I second the whiskey-flavored lube, I would totally go for that.

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