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So many years ago, CalExotics made a vibrating vag cam and of course I HAD to have one. While we had fun playing with it, we never used it as a vibe or put it inside anyone’s whatnot. We really just spent a lot of time putting it up in our eyeballs and watching our eyeballs on TV. But then one night we had a party and a fabulous Dominatrix who was there decided to take it for a spin. In the living room. At a party. With no warning. It was great/scary. But the camera was stupid. All you saw was grainy b&w wet looking skin and the vibrations were a joke (that said, I’m honored to have been privy to seeing the inside of Mistress’s snatch).

All that is to lead up to my rant about a new version of the same thing by a new company called Svakom. They foolishly claim  it is “The world’s first internal camera vibrator” (note to everyone, do your research. Just because you did not know about something does not mean you invented it) and that “It shares the exclusive right of gynecologist with you”*, whatever the fuck that  means.

Anyway, why I am bitching about this? Well because if this is anything like what the old one was like, it is a waste of $180. Think about it, if you are putting this in someone’s vagina (note it is not ass-safe) what are you going to see? Wet walls. Maybe the cervix. Ok I guess that can be exciting. Once or twice. But how many times do you want to watch this? Every time? I doubt it. So then you have paid a lot of money for a simple vibrator.

And  lets say you are using it with your lover.. then you have to WATCH TV WHILE FUCKING. Sorry but that would just make me mad. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LOVER.

In ranty conclusion,  I’d stay clear of this unless you are really rich and like crazy stuff. In which case you should call me instead and I’ll sell you really awesome crazy toys instead.


*Watch this video for some great translations that make little sense.

**Ok fine, maybe this would be great for folks who really like to play Dr to add to their medical play chest. Except Dr’s don’t use vibrators on you anymore.


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