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Wake up with a BANG

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My dear friend Matie at Self Serve * in Albuquerque, MN alerted me to this crazy-ass wake up machine. Bascially a vibe you wear all night that wakes you up slowly with a buzz and tingle.


Personally, I find this intriguing but for me there would be a few problems:

1- My severe aversion to wearing “knickers” to bed

2- I move around like a hockey player in my sleep so I am sure no matter what this would end up by my ankles or in some other non-effective place

3- I don’t need an alarm. I have a 20 month old one who wakes me up at 6:10 am each morning like clockwork.

That said… they are shipping to the US so in the interest of my attempt to be the foremost expert on all things vibrator.. I may just have to give it a spin..

(psst.. Self Serve, along with a bunch of other kick-ass sex shops are part of a group that I belong to call The Progressive Pleasure Club. If you like indie, feminist sex shops, you should check us out on Facebook!)


All photos from the manufacturer