China Lube

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This gem is here for a few of reasons:

1- The awful orientalist packaging and name. I just checked and not only is this still in production, the packaging has not been updated at all.

2- The incredibly misleading and stupid copy on the box:

For centuries there has been a special sexual secret known as Chin Dai. This oriental ecstasy potion releases all inhibitions and turns any sexual act into a sensual…orgasmic experience. You can now enjoy this exotic love potion with our new CHINA “Anal lube” the most remarkable product of it’s [sic] kind ever developed…

The most remarkable product EVER? Really? And why is anal lube in quotes? Also propyleme glycol and hydroxypropylmathylcellulose have been around for centuries? Are you sure? How do these ingredients “releases all inhibitions”? So many unanswered questions….

These are some amazing claims for a crappy lube to make, don’t ya think?

3- This is a pretty thin lube. Not what I would recommend for backdoor action. Not that I would recommend this crap for any other place on your body.

Happy weekend!

One thought on “China Lube

    ScytheNoire said:
    July 15, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    China isn’t where you think about when you want quality products?

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