Luscious Legs: Every Woman’s Fantasy

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Ah, this gem is from about maybe 5 or 6 years ago… old enough that the pink color of the crap-ass jelly material is faded to just barely clear. It is a soft, very flexible vibe in the shape of a skinny lady’s gams, called Foot Fetish Luscious Legs Vibrator

And like lots of the foot-oriented things out there, I wonder if the toy designer even knows what a foot fetish is. In all my long years of talking to people about sex, no one has EVER asked for a vibe that looks like tiny feet, or even feet at all.  And for that matter, no woman (who this is clearly aimed at) has mentioned her love of having feet all up in her*.

But note on the package that you can choose to have a “soothing” or a “sensual” massage.  So at least this is very versatile!

So besides being a pretty lame vibe power & material-wise, this clearly fails in filling any need that anyone has.

* I am sure there are some women out there who do like feet in and on their whatnots… they just don’t call me looking for tiny fake feet to shove inside themselves.

One thought on “Luscious Legs: Every Woman’s Fantasy

    Rivka said:
    September 15, 2015 at 3:05 am

    I’ve always been a legs kinda woman… Kinda amused actually that it’s an obvious woman’s set of legs on a toy made for a woman. I was sure all those nasty jelly toy producing companies knew all women want giant penises only and all and women who like women don’t exist (or I guess you know strap on the giant jelly fantasy penises). So I almost sort of give them props there. Except that level of thought never went into this I’m sure.

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