Whiskey Dick Lube… cocktail for your cooter

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Let me just say that a little part of me feels guilty for even talking about a “novelty” product such as this when CLEARLY the makers are trying to make something silly. But as I sit here licking some Whiskey Dick whiskey flavored lube off my arm I find I just cannot think of it a “just” a novelty because people WILL use it as lube.

So overall, its fine. It tastes pretty whiskey-ish for a lube. I would not kick that flavor out of bed. And it even stays pretty slippery. But, (and this is a big BUT let me tell you)… NOWHERE on the packaging or bottle does it list ingredients! This I find inexcusable. If you make something that is (joking or not), intended to go inside someone you need to let people know what is in it! There is no way in hell I’d put this sweet, boozy tasting stuff anywhere near my snatch without an ingredient list. Nor should you.

But hell, if you are a risk taker and want some cocktail-flavored sex, don’t let me stop you. Get some now!  (but if your bits start burning don’t come crying to me!)

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