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Ah dear friends, let me introduce you to this wonder the Vibrating Brush! Technically called the Discreet Sensations Vibrating Hairbrush Plus this combo styling tool/sex toy is not the worst of the worst, for sure, but since it appears to be on its way out (I found it on a discontinued list), I thought it best I immortalize here (and talk shit about it as well) before it disappears forever.

Designed to be uber-discreet, this contraption is a really heavy brush that hides the secret of a removable vibe as the handle. And if having your sex toy disguised as something else is the number one requirement for you, then maybe this is a top choice (contact me quick, I can still get you one). BUT here is where this goes wrong:

1- It weights a TON. To heavy for a hairbrush and too heavy for a vibe that size.

2- It has one lameish speed.

3- It is way over priced for a one-speed vibe (The MSRP is $50. $50!!! ). And the packaging is ugly (like 1980s ugly). At that price I want something just a little classier.

4- THE BUSH TORE MY SCALP UP (while this sat on my desk for a few days I periodically brushed my hair ’cause, well, a hair brush was sitting there but as I sit and write this my scalp still feels raw)

So to sum up: if you are looking for a $50 one-speed super-heavy vibe that looks and acts like a pokey hairbrush… then this is your baby!

But if you prefer quality and value, then maybe you’ll prefer this discreet little number.

One thought on “For your mane…

    Joan Price said:
    August 10, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Love this snarky style — appropriate for this product, for sure! So, I can’t help wondering, if I used it to brush my pubic hair (yes, I have pubic hair), would I be one step away from a trip to the ER?

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