Yes pregnant women are sexy but…

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… something about My 1st Pregnant Latina Knocked Up Pussy just seems wrong.

Could it be that pussies aren’t actually the part that is “knocked up”?

Could it be the redundancy of “Pregnant” & “Knocked Up” both in the title?

Could it just be the whole package?

Well I’ll tell you what, when I get my hands on one we can discuss this further.

I love this F’able Hand

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Small details give me so much pleasure. Take this floppy fuckable hand for instance. Note how the slender bracelet and charming ring give it that “life-like” look. Why, this could pass for a real severed hand… until you flipped it over and saw the pretty pink vulva in the middle.

According to the package “100% Image is Lifelike” so you KNOW it looks like a human tiny hand with all the bones removed and a mini vulva where the stigmata should be. The fingers are super floppy, and the whole thing seems really hard to use.

Hard to use as sex toy perhaps, but stick it on the end of a wooden spoon and you have an awesome sea creature/monster to scare people with (which, of course, is what I did).

Pure 100% lifelike genius!

Ultraman!! Vibrator!!

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Don’t ya kinda wish you got this for Valentine’s Day?

From my personal collection … this rocket-style Ultraman vibe is at LEAST 10 years old and I think impossible to find these days (nah nah nah).

Kinda crappy as a sex toy so he lives among the pewter crackers and felted heads on my mantle, fated to live out his days wishing he could be used for some more erotic purpose…


I just can’t even think of what to say about this…

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… so I’ll just tell you the details:

• Those are suposed to be pierced nipples … on boobs

• With a vulva three times the size below it

• It is called FUKPUSSY

• The box has a picture of a mini vibe on it “powerful bullet vibrator!” but no vibe in the box.

• “Juicy Vibrating Orgasms”

• It is marked on the bottom as “Flesh” colored.

So much to love/hate!

This was SO good I wanted to cry

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Does it get any better then a fuckable butt with a rose coming out of it? Really, I am pretty sure it does not.


as pointed out below by a smart reader this is actually representing a prolapsed anus which makes it WAAAAAY different in my eyes. And more icky. : (

I liked it when it was just a flower…

Last a lifetime? I think not..

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The Last a Lifetime Love Ring is actually a crappy cockring in disguise.

Designed to look like an oversized engagement ring, this pink jelly doohickey* is suposed to be worn at the base of a cock to maintain an erection. So many things about this are just plain silly (but considering who it is made by, surprisingly inoffensive) that I am assuming this is one of those ridiculous “novelties” that is meant to given to a bachelorette, so everyone can laugh and then while out drunk in a bar it gets flicked across the room at some unsuspecting man and lost under a cosmo-soaked table forever.

Or maybe a classy guy is suposed to use it for a really classy marriage proposal:  “Hey Honey, I have a question to ask you”, drops pants, woman notices cheap plastic diamond-shaped ring on his cock and replies “OMGYES!!! You are so classy I want to Last a Lifetime with you!”

So maybe it is just a “fun” waste of petroleum and packaging and coal-produced energy, but as a sex toy slinger, I REALLY like it when toys work as intended so more than anything this just makes me mad with its lack of practicality. Sure, one could use this (and I am sure a dude or two have tried), but the jelly it is made of is so flimsy and stretchy that no ones ding dong is gonna “Last a Lifetime” with this. And to me, that is just old-fashioned false advertising.

*Full disclosure: I think this is kinda cute despite how much I hate its existence.


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Well, well… look what we have here!

This is a penis with a tongue at the base of it.  His name is Penis Tonguizer. I hope you like looking at it as much as I do.

I’ve been having a hard day here and when this came across my desk, my whole day just brightened up.

So never doubt the healing powers of ridiculous sex toy design.